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Attachment is the deep emotional bond that forms between a child and their primary caregivers during the first few years of life. This early behaviour shapes our self-image, expectations, and ways of relating to others well into adulthood.

When childhood attachment is disrupted due to neglect, trauma, or unstable caregiving, it can lead to a host of issues down the road. Adults with insecure attachment often struggle with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and difficulty developing healthy relationships.


The good news is that attachment counselling can help identify and heal these early wounds.

How Attachment Counselling Works

Attachment counselling is a therapeutic approach that focuses on how our intense early childhood connections impact our ability to regulate emotions and connect with others.

By gaining insight into these patterns established in infancy and childhood, clients can start to make sense of their relationship struggles. Attachment counselling aims to help clients develop a more secure style, so they can build fulfilling bonds as adults.

Our experienced attachment counsellors are here to help clients heal from insecure attachment styles like anxious or avoidant. With compassion and clinical expertise, we develop treatment plans tailored to each client's unique attachment issues and goals.

Attachment counselling can provide a path forward if you want to break negative relationship patterns and finally feel secure in your connections with others.

Benefits of Attachment Counselling

There are many advantages to pursuing attachment-based counselling for individuals struggling with insecure bonds and relationship issues. Some of the key benefits include:

Increased self-awareness - Counselling helps identify your attachment style and pinpoint how early experiences may impact current relationships and emotional patterns. This insight is a major first step in making changes.

Healing childhood wounds - By processing traumatic or unstable bonds with caregivers in a safe, therapeutic setting, clients can finally heal attachment-related wounds that impact adult relationships. 

Building secure attachments - With support, clients gain the skills to develop secure, stable attachments moving forward. This allows for healthier, more fulfilling bonds with romantic partners and their own children.

Reduced anxiety and improved self-esteem - Healing insecure attachment relieves attachment-related anxiety. Clients develop confidence in their ability to get their needs met in relationships.

Healthy coping mechanisms - Clients learn new coping strategies to self-soothe and regulate emotions when relationship stressors arise. Reliance on unhealthy strategies like avoidance decreases.

Communication and interpersonal skills - Counselling teaches how to express needs, set boundaries, and resolve conflict securely and healthily.

Breaking negative cycles - Old patterns like clinging to partners or emotional withdrawal can be broken as secure attachment develops.

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With research-based techniques tailored to your unique needs, attachment counselling can help you find relief from relationship anxiety, improve self-worth, and stop avoidant patterns. You can develop healthy coping strategies and interpersonal skills to foster true intimacy.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Healing your attachment history is possible.

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