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Ken Reid


"If we don't deal with our baggage, our baggage will deal with us."

About Me

I'm a Counsellor and a gay white man that uses my training, education and lived experiences to help support my clients in their journey. 

Before entering this role I had a lot of difficulties with relationships with family, friends and lovers. I found that much of my experiences came from similar patterns of behaviour that I had acquired across my life that included people pleasing, external validation seeking, egotistical behaviour and perfectionism. 


I found that as I started working through a lot of my emotional and mental behaviour I noticed my life and my relationships dramatically improved along the way. This journey hasn't been an easy one and it's been incredibly long and challenging in working through my past with therapists as well as actively working on my own behaviour. 


As a counsellor, I've found that I really enjoy helping people who are going through relational challenges, including confrontation, breakups, grief, and communication challenges as these are areas that I have found I both enjoy and am also competent at. 


And, as a gay man, I enjoy supporting and helping the LGBTQIA+ community where I can as I enjoy giving back and helping our community through its many unique challenges.


Founder, Ken Reid Counselling

ACA Provisional Member

Train Smart Diploma in Counselling

JCU Graduate Diploma in Psychology

The estimated wait-time is approximately 11 to 12 months.

Key Therapies

Areas of Expertise

Ken Reid Counselling

Jairus K

Working with Ken changed my perspective not only in dating, but my life as a whole. What started off as me approaching Ken to get dating advice, immediately turned into an inner reflection on my patterns of behavior, who I wanted to be and where I wanted to go. I now understand the importance of vocalizing my needs and setting boundaries in any relationship I'm in.

Ken Reid Counselling

Daimon S

Before I worked with Ken, I was very hot and cold with people. I would want to get close with people, but just not too close. I would crave intimacy and push it away at the same time. And when I found someone who could satisfy this hot/cold part of my dating life, they would consume my world.

After working with Ken, I feel confident about myself and my appearance. And I feel confident that I can communicate my needs openly and securely. The conversations I have with people on dating apps and in-person are much better. I can openly and securely communicate my needs to someone, and not feel crushed when things don’t go exactly how I might want them to.

Ken Reid Counselling

Kristie T

Ken utilized an intersectional lens to help me bring awareness to recurring patterns of trauma bonding that originated from my family of origin and resulted in now enmeshed adult relationships because I have learned to turn my very clear boundaries to self-sacrificing preferences to meet the needs of others.

Ken Reid Counselling

Asia H

I've always known I wanted to work with Ken. I've read post after post, listened to all his videos and Instagram stories. It wasn't until one of his stories literally spoke to my soul that I booked a call with him. What he was talking about on his story was exactly the situation I was in, and I really wanted more clarity on the topic. 

My life has dramatically changed since that call, and I'm much more in alignment with my higher self. I would recommend Ken to anyone and everyone who is looking for more clarity and inner peace. Thanks so much Ken! Forever grateful for your work.

Ken Reid Counselling

Tiffany C

Before working with Ken, I felt like I didn't want a healthy romantic relationship. The truth is (that we've uncovered through our work together) is that I was living in fear and resentment because of my past relationships with narcissistic partners. After working with Ken, I am feeling so much more sure of myself, I am more confident, and more equipped to handle any conflict or unhealthy situations that arise. I felt empowered to make the decision that was healthy and that served me the most. Ken helped me to recognize the fault and blame wasn't all on me, and how to navigate into attracting a healthy relationship instead, and know I was worthy and deserving of one.


Who is this for?

This is for the men and women who are:

Feeling stuck in their relationships

Wanting to change their life

Wanting to communicate better and create better boundaries

For people who are new or have therapy experience 

For those who want to work on their behaviour and take accountability

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