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Our Team

Ken Reid Counselling - Amy

I help people who have suffered a bad breakup with an avoidantly attached partner to heal, as well as learning how to become more secure in their attachment.

Certified Integrated Attachment Coach

New York, United States

Ken Reid Counselling - Sydni

Long Term Relationships


Avoidant Tendencies

Fully Booked

Certified ICF Life Coach

Louisiana, United States

Ken Reid Counselling - Kate

I help clients overcome bad breakups, narcissistic abuse as well as heal from cPTSD. I assist my clients in becoming more secure and overcome any past trauma through root cause therapy.

Counsellor, Certified Root-Cause Therapy

Brisbane, Australia

Ken Reid Counselling - Ken

Narcissistic and Avoidant

Breakup Recovery

Attachment Recovery

cPTSD Recovery

Anxiety Relief

Relationship Counselling

NOTE: The estimated wait-time is approximately 11 to 12 months.

Fully Booked


Sydney, Australia

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