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Trauma and Healing

No Bad Parts - Richard C Schwartz | Ken Reid Coaching

This explains Internal Family Systems (IFS) and how we all have multiple personalities inside of us, none of which are bad. It teaches how to love ourselves and to respect all parts of ourselves.

The Way Out - Alan Gordon with Alon Ziv | Ken Reid Coaching

This book explains how neuroplastic pain (chronic pain) is not caused by the body but by the brain and the steps to eliminate chronic pain that reduce bodily stress and teaching the body to feel safe.

How To Do The Work - Dr. Nicole LePera | Ken Reid Coaching

This book is written by the Instagram famous, Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole Le Pera and is about her journey, skills and steps on how she healed herself and how to restore our body from survival mode into feeling safe again.


Discusses the role of the inner child and how to discover and improve your relationship with your inner child.


Louise Hay's famous book on how to restore the health to your body by working through suppressed emotions.


A guide to using visualisation and somatic healing to move suppressed emotions in the body.


How to heal from codependency and reclaim your emotional independence.


Discusses the journey a woman takes to overcome her trauma and become more awakened to her true self.


Discusses how Asian immigrants can heal from trauma whilst also retaining their relationship to their culture of origin and adapting to their newfound home.


Describes how emotional suppression and accumulated stress can cause the body to shut down.


A book on the impact of trauma and how it impacts a person's behaviour.

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This book describes the multidimensionality of codependency, how it ruins our relationships, is an addiction and the steps required to overcome it.

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