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Therapy and Mental Health

Anxiety - Dr. Mark Cross | Ken Reid Coaching

This book explains the spectrum of anxiety and the struggles with combatting this mental health challenge.

Learned Optimism - Martin E. P. Seligman | Ken Reid Coaching

This book explains depression and how learned helplessness can cause rumination and victimhood that makes us feel as though we’re never going to feel good about ourselves. It talks about how learned optimism leads us out of depression and makes us feel better about ourselves.

Your Mental Mess - Dr. Caroline Leaf | Ken Reid Coaching

This book is one of my favourites for explaining the technique of metacognition and curing any thought that is causing us pain, frustration, anxiety or depression. It’s a must read for emotional and mental regulation.


Steps for clinicians on how to work with

avoidant clients.


Discusses ways to communicate and navigate boundaries and relate to a person who has BPD.


Use of dialectical behavioural therapy to treat individuals with bipolar disorder.


Describes how emotional incest and family enmeshment can deeply impact a child's attachment style and how to heal from it.


How to recognise if your parent is emotionally immature and what to do about it.


A book about how to recognise relationship OCD (fear of intimacy) and how to heal from it so it stops sabotaging good relationships.


A book about the origins of attention deficit disorder (ADD), the signs and symptoms of ADD and how to heal from ADD.


A book explaining the signs of autism and how to embrace and find acceptance in one's neurodiversity.


A book detailing the symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

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