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The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - John M. Gottman| Ken Reid Coaching

Provides scientifically proven techniques that are guaranteed to help partners work together and make marriage work.

Attached - Amir Levine and Rachel S.F. Heller | Ken Reid Coaching

Explains attachment theory and helps to decode the mysterious and illogical behaviour of people in dating, why people ghost and why we feel needy to people we barely even know.


A book for men and women who are anxiously attached in love and have a tendency to overgive and under-receive from people in their life.


A book about how to use emotionally focused therapy techniques in couple's counselling to connect partners of different attachment styles


A deep dark dive into Neil Strauss' recovery from avoidant attachment and sex addiction.


How to Love (or Leave) a Dismissive Partner: Explains the distinctive characteristics of avoidant attachment in helping to distinguish dismissive avoidance from fearful avoidance.


Explains sex/ love addiction and how this plays out with the love addicts and love avoidants.


From various research papers, helps to better understand the defensive behaviours of avoidant attachers.


A book explaining fearful avoidant attachment/ disorganised attachment and how to navigate and resolve it.


About the fear of intimacy in men and how it causes them to self-sabotage their relationships. This book describes behaviour consistent with men who have avoidant attachment, both fearful and dismissive avoidant attachment.


About how fear of intimacy and commitment plays out in men and women. Describes active (avoidant) and passive (anxious) fears of intimacy in people.


Describes the steps people with passive (anxious) and active (avoidant) intimacy fears need to take in order to overcome their fears of intimacy.


Details the steps required to overcome and heal your anxious attachment through somatic techniques.


This book describes the anxious/ avoidant trap and how it relates to love and sex addiction.

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