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See What You Made Me Do - Jess Hill | Ken Reid Coaching

This book is about the pathology of sociopaths, narcissists and the victims of domestic abuse, why they stay and why people abuse their partners.

The Narcissist In Your Life - Julie L. Hall | Ken Reid Coaching

This book helps to explain the patterns of behaviour of narcissists and explores the kinds of people in your life that exhibit these disagreeable patterns and how to protect yourself.

Dont You Know Who I Am? - Ramani S. Durvasula | Ken Reid Coaching

This book talks about how to survive in a narcissistic world and how to be aware of the incivility of narcissistic people to better protect your peace of mind.


A discussion of narcissistic mothers, how to manage the relationship and how to heal.


A breakdown of covert narcissism and how it differs from grandiose narcissism.


A book about how to stop blaming yourself for the narcissist in your life and how to heal from this trauma bond.

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