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 This guide is made for:

✅ Guys who have undergone a really bad breakup - it doesn't matter if you were in a relationship or not
✅ Guys who feel that they're broken inside and are feeling deeply fragile
✅ Guys who are still thinking about trying to get back with their ex or ex-lover
✅ Guys who find themselves constantly stalking their ex or ex-lover on social media
✅ Guys who are trying to figure out what they did wrong in their relationship with their last partner
✅ Guys who are struggling to move on and don't feel like dating again

However, this guide is not made for:

❌ Guys who are well and truly over their ex

❌ Guys who can't even think why they fell in love with their ex

❌ Guys who have forgiven their ex

❌ Guys who are comfortable dating again

❌ Guys who are feeling generally happy about where they're at in life

❌ Guys who are eager to get into a relationship

if this sounds like you, you should check out my...

FREE Dating Cheat Sheet

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Click here to download your guide to start avoiding 90% of the wrong guys and start finding the open, honest and committed men!

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