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If you have experienced narcissistic abuse and are searching for compassionate support to facilitate your healing process, Ken Reid Counselling is here for you. 


Our team of experienced therapists specialises in providing dedicated counselling services tailored to help individuals recover from the devastating effects of narcissistic abuse. We offer a safe and supportive environment where you can heal, rebuild your self-esteem, and regain control of your life.

What Narcissistic Abuse Looks Like

Narcissistic abuse is considered a type of emotional manipulation and exploitation inflicted by people with egocentric personality traits. Victims of this form of abuse often endure prolonged psychological, emotional, and sometimes even physical harm. 

In the majority of cases, the abuser will use tactics and behaviour such as:

  • gaslighting

  • manipulation

  • belittling

  • intention to control.

The result often leaves the survivor feeling trapped, devalued, and emotionally depleted. If this is you, we are here to help you overcome your circumstances and understand your rights to a safer environment.

The Importance of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Counselling

Seeking professional narcissistic abuse recovery counselling is crucial for survivors who aim to reclaim their lives, heal from trauma, and rebuild their self-esteem. 


At Ken Reid Counselling, we understand the complexity and long-lasting impact of narcissistic abuse. Our compassionate therapists provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your experiences, process your emotions, and embark on a journey of healing and empowerment.

How It Works

When you visit us for support, we’ll carry out a variety of sessions that run through a highly personalised approach for your particular situation. This includes:


  1. Trauma-Informed Support: We adopt a trauma-informed approach that recognises the deep emotional wounds caused by narcissistic abuse. Our therapists are trained to provide compassionate support, understanding the unique challenges faced by survivors. We aim to create a safe space where you can express yourself freely and work through your pain.

  2. Rebuilding Self-Esteem: Dealing with these circumstances can significantly impact an individual's self-worth and self-esteem. Our team works closely with you to rebuild and strengthen your sense of self. Through evidence-based techniques and tailored strategies, we help you rediscover your inherent worth, embrace self-compassion, and develop a healthier self-image.

  3. Establishing Boundaries: Survivors often struggle with setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. Our narcissistic abuse recovery counselling sessions equip you with the necessary tools and skills to establish and assert boundaries in relationships. We guide you toward understanding the red flags, navigating toxic dynamics, and developing assertiveness.

Why Us?

Expertise in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Counselling: Our experienced professionals specialise in this particular form of abuse. We have extensive knowledge of the dynamics involved in narcissistic relationships and the specific needs of survivors. You can trust us to guide you through your healing journey with empathy and expertise.


Confidential and Safe Environment: We prioritise your privacy and ensure a confidential and safe therapeutic space. Our therapists adhere to strict ethical guidelines, ensuring that your sessions and personal information remain confidential.

We offer easy accessibility, making it convenient for you to access the services and support you need.

Begin Your Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Journey Today

Recovery takes time, support, and a commitment to your healing. At Ken Reid Counselling, we are dedicated to empowering survivors to heal, rebuild, and thrive. Our compassionate team is here to guide you through the recovery process and help you reclaim your life.

Take the courageous step towards healing by booking a session with us today. Together, we will work towards helping you break free.

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