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Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Asia


From feeling stuck in her relationship to finding clarity and prioritising her needs in her relationships.

I've always known I wanted to work with Ken. I've read post after post, listened to all his videos and Instagram stories. It wasn't until one of his stories literally spoke to my soul that I booked a call with him. What he was talking about on his story was exactly the situation I was in, and I really wanted more clarity on the topic. Let me tell you, my mind was completely BLOWN after our call. So many breakthroughs in so little time. He was able to connect the dots for me, shift my perspective, and made the decision I was back and forth on crystal clear for me. In fact, right after the call I made a huge life decision, and haven't regretted it since. I definitely needed that call. My life has dramatically changed since that call, and I'm much more in alignment with my higher self. I would recommend Ken to anyone and everyone who is looking for more clarity and inner peace. Thanks so much Ken! Forever grateful for your work.

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Tom


From feeling overwhelmed by relationships to establishing boundaries and putting himself first.

I had been working with Ken for a few months now. Ken has been absolutely amazing. He is a phenomenal coach. I think some of the things that really set him apart from other people that I've worked with including therapists and psychologists is his ability to really offer you a strategy that applies to the situation you’re in. It feels personal and you see growth weekend week out. He really supports and follows up. He’s an amazingly compassionate listener and absorbs the situation that you’re putting across together and you guys really kind of work through to create some in-depth ultimately lifts you to a higher place. I am incredibly grateful to have been working with Ken, to continue working with Ken, and I highly highly recommend him if you are considering him.

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Tiffany


Healing trauma and stepping away from emotionally unavailable partners.

Before working with Ken, I felt like I didn't want a healthy romantic relationship. The truth is (that we've uncovered through our work together) is that I was living in fear and resentment because of my past relationships with narcissistic partners. After working with Ken, I am feeling so much more sure of myself, I am more confident, and more equipped to handle any conflict or unhealthy situations that arise. I felt empowered to make the decision that was healthy and that served me the most. Ken helped me to recognize the fault and blame wasn't all on me, and how to navigate into attracting a healthy relationship instead, and know I was worthy and deserving of one.​ If you are even the slightest bit curious about working with Ken, DO IT. I promise it will change your life, and he is the most empathetic and caring coach. He is extremely inclusive, open-minded, and helps reframe and shift my perspective on every hurdle I faced. I felt supported, heard, and held accountable every step of the way.

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Jairus


Overcoming people pleasing and peacekeeping to setting boundaries and putting himself first.

Before working with Ken, I was so lost in dating. I couldn't figure out why I was attracting men that were in many ways, unlike the other parts of my life. I kept attracting emotionally unavailable men. I wanted clarity on why that was the case. Working with Ken changed my perspective not only in dating, but my life as a whole. What started off as me approaching Ken to get dating advice, immediately turned into an inner reflection on my patterns of behavior, who I wanted to be and where I wanted to go. I now understand the importance of vocalizing my needs and setting boundaries in any relationship I'm in. These learnings go so far beyond just dating, and has already positively affected areas of my personal and professional life. Ken is an incredibly astute listener and I am so grateful to not only have worked with you, but gotten to know Ken as well. Thank you for everything.

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Jordo


Learning to accept and allow his feelings for his ex to appreciate his current girlfriend.

What's it like to work with Ken? Geez, where do I start...? The short version of it - life-changing. Truly. I'm not usually one to write testimonials because to be quite honest, most other coaches I've worked with in various spaces of life have left me wanting! It's more been like "yeeeaaahh, ummmm... that was... fun... yeah cool, I'll ahhhh.... I'll get back to you!". Being a coach myself, these experiences have also left me a little jaded about the coaching process, and even though this wasn't the goal, working with Ken has helped to restore my faith in my own craft, which is in itself, invaluable. The long version of it - let me start by giving some context. Ken was a coaching client of mine (I'm a personal trainer). When I first met Ken, I was going through the tumultuous emotional shitstorm that is the nature of a long-distance relationship WITH someone who - deep down I knew - wasn't right for me. But for whatever reason, I'd allowed myself to become intoxicated by the fantasy of it all. This would leave me anxious and - although we had gotten to a point (thanks to Covid and border closures) where we both decided to give each other the space we needed to welcome other opportunities with potential partners - unable to really connect with the woman I am now with. I had met my current partner about a week after this agreement with my ex, yet because I hadn't really allowed myself to process the reality of it all, and was STILL holding onto the fantasy, I could barely see what was in front of me with my current partner - a woman who shared the same values as me, who held space for me and who really got me. It was an air of authenticity that I quite simply was blinded to. The manifestation of this was... uncomfortable. Anytime I would get intimate with my current partner, fantasies of my ex would flood my mind, and I would begin to spiral into a pit of self-loathing. Sometimes when these pits would swallow me up, I would become distant and she would pick up on this, which would bring us to loggerheads. Barely 2 days would pass without us having some sort of argument. The hardest part about this was that I could see how good this person was for me and my life goals - family, building a coaching business, legacy for children - the REAL important stuff in life - and yet I was there, holding onto a fantasy, longing for some woman whose values really didn't align with my own, and whom my connection with was, to be quite honest, anxious and brittle in nature. Ken saw firsthand how this was messing with me - it would become a hot topic over our training sessions together. I knew I should be getting some proper help, and then finally, we both pulled the trigger and decided it was time to DO THE WORK. Over the next 8 weeks, Ken guided me through the storm I found myself in. Every week, we would catch up and take a highly unique, individually tailored approach to the issue, which is the major point of difference I want to highlight with Ken. Unlike a lot of other coaches, Ken acknowledges that we are all different, and that whilst a framework is a handy point of reference to guide both parties, it is the skill of the coach and your proximity to them that really makes the difference. Ken is what I've come to call a "Wizard of Intuition". He has a remarkable ability to be able to listen to his instinct which is highly attuned to seeing the blindspots in others, acknowledge this, then meet them where they are at. He has an incredibly caring and empathetic approach to helping people face their demons, and is not afraid to adjust tact when and where necessary. Case in point - he is RESULTS-focused, not METHOD-focused, which a lot of coaches are these days. And whilst there's certainly merit to holding true to the SCIENCE of the "method", it is the "finesse" in the application of the art of coaching that makes all the difference. Fast forward to today, and my fantasies no longer hold power over me, and I am a lot more self-assured in upholding boundaries as they pertain to relationships, romantic and otherwise. Sure, the fantasies still pop up from time to time, but I have learnt how to let them be and simply pass on by, instead of beating myself up for it, and consequently, stopping myself from appreciating what is right in front of me - a woman who loves me EXACTLY as I am, and who is willing to stand by my side NO MATTER what comes. As someone who really wants a family and has strong ambitions, I can't tell you how valuable this is - to know you have a rock you can lean on when times get tough (because they will) is peace of mind no amount of money can buy. The flow-on effects of working through this one choke point I had has had a profound impact on other areas of my life - even my own approach to coaching - I could literally be here for days singing Ken's praise, but I don't want to take more of your time, so all I can say is this... If you are someone who is struggling to connect with your authentic self and understanding the things you need for a rich and fulfilling life filled with meaningful and deep relationships, and paying for it in fear, missed opportunities, anxious pits of despair and feelings of low self-worth and the rest of it, you need to stop reading this and you need to connect with Ken RIGHT. NOW. Life is too short to be wasting precious time on thoughts and people that don't serve you, but it is also long, and the skills you will learn from Ken will help you have not just better relationships with others, but a better relationship with yourself... If you ask me, that's something no amount of money can buy, and the value of which FAR SURPASSES any discomfort you may feel from DOING THE WORK. So, jump in. It will be worth it. Ken, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your patience, time and commitment. Because of you, I have met - and more importantly, CAN APPRECIATE - the woman of my dreams. I can't thank you enough.

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Daimon


Overcoming attachment trauma to become more secure.

Before I worked with Ken, I was very hot and cold with people. I would want to get close with people, but just not too close. I would crave intimacy and push it away at the same time. And when I found someone who could satisfy this hot/cold part of my dating life, they would consume my world. I had a lack of confidence in myself, my abilities, and my appearance. I would seek out compliments and people whom I would repeat the same patterns again and again. I had no idea what a healthy relationship looked like, and quite honestly I had no idea what I wanted.​ After completing Ken's course, I feel confident about myself and my appearance. And I feel confident that I can communicate my needs openly and securely. The conversations I have with people on dating apps and in person are much better. I can openly and securely communicate my needs to someone, and not feel crushed when things don’t go exactly how I might want them to.​ Ken has created something really special with this course. He tailors this experience to suit exactly what your needs are, and he knows how to get to the heart of what you’re facing to help you overcome it. I’m so different now than when I started this course. I’m so much more confident, I know what I want, and I’m able to communicate my needs to others. My whole life has changed and I couldn’t be happier."

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Jon


Overcoming heartbreak.

I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Ken. As a gay man, it makes a world of a difference receiving this guidance, validation, esteem building, from another gay man who has been down this path. Ken brings with him an immediate ability to help you validate, soothe and work through your pain so you can move out of that space with the support one needs during a period like this.​ The one-on-one coaching has been extremely helpful with concrete, actionable steps we've worked on together for me to execute, which have helped me stop my emotionally addictive cycles and behaviors, break the pattern, and catapult the emotional recovery from the heartache. I'm much more emotionally stable, and not suffering constant daily/weekly emotional turbulence, pain, crippling anxiety, and self-doubt."

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Alex


Overcoming loneliness and creating a support network.

I found the validation, guidance, and tools that Ken provided to be useful in working through the isolation and emotional struggle that come with being raised in a fiercely conservative and emotionally neglectful family. Ken has a fantastic ability to validate my emotions and pain, as well come up with practical solutions to minimize the exhaustion that comes with trying to influence things out of my control, and focus on factors of my life within my power, and help me move forward. I've also learnt some valuable tools that I can use to identify the people in my support network who can provide the support that I need. Additionally, Ken has helped me with how to seek it in a way that is approachable, respectful, and mindful another person's unique experiences. I would strongly encourage a person who is considering in investing in Ken to take the opportunity. I've received so much value from being listened to, validated, as well as the insights, tools and confidence that Ken provides to work past emotional turmoil and come out on the other side more confident and equipped with strategies to move forward."

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Zak


Overcoming a breakup and getting ready to date again.

I have been speaking with Ken for over a month now and I have never felt more confident and happy with where I currently am in terms of dating and meeting other guys. I was struggling with confidence and felt lost in many ways due to feeling alienated and different in my area Ken has given me the confidence to reach out and back myself to either make new gay friends or a romantic relationship. Ken was able to give me insight into how he has navigated big decisions in his life which has then allowed me to overcome obstacles and personal struggles that I am facing. I am very pleased with how Ken has assisted me in reaching my goals and I am able to see tangible results which gives me more drive to keep going. I would definitely recommend speaking to Ken and seeing for yourself the improvement that you will notice which will trickle into all other aspects of your life.

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Alyssa


From dating emotionally unavailable partners to setting boundaries and attracting a secure partner.

I couldn't recommend more highly to work with Ken. He has helped me so much maneuver and navigate the many varying degrees of relationships over the last year. Before, you know we work together and following many of our conversations and you know is what he has influenced me with particularly, has been looking at the different types of patterns in relationships and the avoidant, the anxious and secure. It's funny looking back to say "Why we actually attract these avoidant partners in our lives and how we look internally as to why we have done that because at the end of the day it's up to ourselves". Ken has allowed me the space for me to open up to him and be willing to sort of talk deep about this is whats happening with attracting these types of people and actually figuring out what I did on my life and also having him there by my side and supporting me. Knowing that whatever I was going to make a decision with, he was always going to support. That was something that I truly love about Ken, there's never any judgement from him. He's always there to just hold space, and I couldn't be more grateful for him. Going from my most recent experiences of attracting the avoidant type into my life, I am really happy to say that I have now attracted someone who is in a secure place in their life that is also because I am in a secure place in my life too. I think that is something that we forget to realise sometimes is that we need to really look and ask ourselves "What actually we are looking for?" because if we don't know what we want we are going to attract randomness. When we actually are clear and figure out what we are looking for that's when things sort of magically appear - they say manifestation as the name goes. So, thank you so much Ken. Getting contact with him, definitely, you won't be let down.

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Bradley


Overcoming Heartbreak in 8 weeks and attracting a secure partner.

Before working with Ken I was struggling to get over heartbreak and not putting guys I recently started dating on pedestals before getting to know them better and based on how they treated me, letting them earn being put on a pedestal.​ After working with Ken, I am in a relationship with a secure man, I feel empowered, calm, re-focused on my strengths & weaknesses. I also appreciated that Ken's gay and can relate to gay dating life and helping to establish “baselines” of social norms amongst gay men who are dating and looking to establish long-term relationships.​ I would highly recommend working with Ken to anyone who is questioning, searching for my insights into dating and relationship building with a goal in mind for finding a lifetime partner. a strategic approach to meeting and dating.

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials - Marcus


From feeling codependent in relationships to feeling self-led and self-aware.

My life was firing on all cylinders except when it came to dating. That was an area that was extremely difficult for me to participate in. A lot of self-doubts, not many dating experiences and shaky self-esteem. I desperately needed clarity on who I was and how to best proceed. After years and years of active addiction, and now several years sober I had no idea how to date in a healthy way. The last time I dated anyone was in the early 2000s. A lot has changed since then. Lol! I definitely feel as though my self-worth has improved. I'm not nearly as inept as I thought I was. In fact, I have boatloads of emotional availability in comparison to my peers. This is a vote of confidence that I have, not arrogance and I believe it will serve me well moving forward. I was able to gain clarity on why I picked the types of guys that I do. Without getting into the full details a lot of it had to do with internalized homophobia, internalized racism and an overall sense of feeling less then. Particularly in the intellect department. I was chasing men that were emotionally unavailable but attractive and smart. Now I realize that I too am attractive smart and emotionally intelligent as well. Ken provided a fresh perspective on dating that I could have never received from my previous therapist. Not to discredit any of his work but the styles are very different. Plus I also needed to connect with another gay man. And not an elderly straight man. Do it, honey! We will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on superficial things that we don't need. But we rarely ever invest in our mental health and spiritual fitness. To sound cliché, I feel as though I've been reborn and there are parts of myself that were hidden and tucked away because they intimidated others. I think that everyone could benefit from connecting with our relationship coach. Even if you don't see Ken for god sake's see somebody!

Ken Reid Counselling Testimonials


From feeling internalised homophobia to feeling more confident dating men.

I have been speaking with Ken for over a month now and I have never felt more confident and happy with where I currently am in terms of dating and meeting other guys. I was struggling with confidence and felt lost in many ways due to feeling alienated and different in my area Ken has given me the confidence to reach out and back myself to either make new gay friends or a romantic relationship. Ken was able to give me insight into how he has navigated big decisions in his life which has then allowed me to overcome obstacles and personal struggles that I am facing. I am very pleased with how Ken has assisted me in reaching my goals and I am able to see tangible results which gives me more drive to keep going. I would definitely recommend speaking to Ken and seeing for yourself the improvement that you will notice which will trickle into all other aspects of your life.

DISCLAIMER: My clients were asked for permission to speak about their experiences and shared what they wanted to whilst also asking me to respect their privacy where they deemed it necessary. Any client who wanted to provide feedback whilst also remaining anonymous has had their anonymity and privacy respected. Whilst I ask my clients for testimonials where possible, I do not make them mandatory for those that don't want to do them. 

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