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At its core, person-centred therapy creates a nurturing environment where clients can explore their thoughts and feelings without judgment. 

Our team act as a facilitator, providing unconditional positive regard, empathy, and authenticity to foster trust and understanding. This allows our client to gain insight into their own frame of reference and worldview in order to develop a stronger sense of self.

Some of the main benefits of person-centred therapy include:

  • Increased self-awareness and personal growth

  • Developing self-acceptance and congruence

  • Improved relationships through better communication

  • Reduction in anxiety and depressive symptoms

  • Alignment with inner values and needs

Person-Centered Therapy with Ken Reid Counselling

Ken Reid Counselling are experienced counsellors providing person-centred therapy to clients. With years of experience, the facilitators employ a warm, genuine approach to forming a trusting therapeutic relationship with each client.

Sessions are tailored to the individual's needs in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment. At all times, our therapists actively listen to understand clients' unique perspectives and challenges while also challenging any incongruence in a sensitive way.

Our person-centred approach helps clients gain insight into themselves, identify inner resources, and actualise their full potential.

In addition to individual counselling for adults, we also provide family counselling using the person-centred framework. This focuses on improving communication, increasing understanding, and fostering acceptance within the household’s relationships.

Understanding the Benefits

Person-centred therapy offers numerous benefits for anyone looking for greater self-confidence, a stronger sense of identity, and success in achieving personal goals. By providing a supportive environment, our clients can expand their self-awareness and separate from preconceived notions of how they "should" be.

Specifically, person-centred therapy practice facilitates self-actualisation – otherwise known as the “fulfilment of one's potential”. Clients develop a clearer understanding of their own needs and values while building the courage to act upon them. With complete support, they gain insight into motivations, patterns, and obstacles that may have previously felt confusing.

As self-acceptance grows, anxiety and depression lessen, and our clients are able to relate to others with more authenticity and empathy. We also find communication improves across relationships, both personal and professional. 


Convenient Location and Appointment Flexibility

Ken Reid Counselling offers easy accessibility for clients in the city. Daytime and after-hours appointments are available by request, providing flexibility for today's busy schedules.

If you're looking to achieve personal growth, gain self-understanding, improve your relationships, or find alignment with your true self, person-centred therapy can help get you there. Ken Reid Counselling provides an ideal environment for this humanistic, client-centred approach.

Contact us today to book your first session and take the first step in your therapeutic journey. For more information on our other services, get in touch and we’ll happily take you through our process and the many services we have on offer.

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