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Couples Counseling


Marriage counselling can help couples overcome relationship difficulties or challenges. We provide professional support to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and reconnect effectively.

The Best Marriage Counselling Has to Offer

Marriage counselling is a type of talk therapy that supports married couples facing issues that threaten the health and stability of their relationship. Couples who commonly experience these issues typically experience: 

  • Frequent arguing, conflicts, and poor communication

  • Loss of emotional or physical intimacy  

  • Infidelity, trust issues, or betrayal

  • Differing priorities, interests, values, or life goals

  • Financial stressors or work/life balance challenges

  • Lack of romance, fun quality time together 

  • Preparing for major life changes like having children

  • Dealing with addiction, mental health issues, or traumatic experiences

  • Coping with infertility, health problems, or family losses

Through marriage counselling you can better understand your partner's perspective, rebuild intimacy and trust, resolve long-standing conflicts, and learn new relationship skills. With professional guidance and commitment, we’ve seen many couples get their marriage back on track.

Our Approach to Marriage Counselling for Couples

Our goal as counsellors is to create a safe, judgement-free environment where you and your partner can be open and honest about issues impacting your marriage. We take an integrative approach, drawing on techniques from evidence-based modalities like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other methods that support your goals.


In our sessions, we will:

  • Identify core issues, patterns, and dynamics causing problems

  • Improve communication and conflict resolution skills

  • Foster greater empathy, vulnerability, and emotional intimacy

  • Heal past hurts, betrayals, or broken trust  

  • Rebuild passion, romance, and friendship

  • Develop strategies for strengthening your bond long-term

We provide support, practical tools, and guidance to help you gain insight into each other's perspectives. With commitment and effort, it is possible to get your marriage back to what it used to be.

Why Trust Us

Our team members are professionally accredited mental health counsellors with years of combined experience supporting couples just like you.

When you visit our clinic, you can expect a warm, compassionate, and non-judgemental approach. Our counsellors always aim to create an environment where couples feel safe to be vulnerable and explore issues impacting their relationship. We aim to equip you with skills to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, and foster deeper intimacy.

Conveniently available for you

At Ken Reid Counselling, we offer sessions readily. Appointments are available throughout the week, giving you the ability to accommodate your schedule.

If you are feeling disconnected, frustrated, or unsure about the future of your marriage, counselling can help. Book a session with our friendly and understanding team now by contacting us. We’re always more than happy to provide guidance that supports your goals and helps you overcome a variety of challenges arising in your relationship.

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