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EVEN IF you don't feel ready for a relationship

- have been feeling burnt out from dating

- haven't had many or any long-term romantic relationships with guys

- have just been broken up with a man and are still heartbroken

Here's what you will learn from this FREE  Masterclass:

✔️ My signature step-by-step method on how to attract honest, open and committed men through dating WITHOUT needing to move to a new city, appear more attractive or paying for any dating app features.

✔️ The biggest mistakes gay men are making when they're trying to find a long term relationship that cause them to be STUCK, FRUSTRATED and feel like DATING SUCKS 😞!

✔️ The SAME lessons my clients use that have helped them overcome heartbreak within 6 weeks to be ready to date again, overcome their anxiety in dating and effortlessly communicate their needs without feeling needy.

And if you're wondering how my clients have benefited, here's some proof 👇🏻

"...the date just ended. It went way above my expectations. I think asking about his relationship goal and how he felt about me made a lot of difference. He said he's attracted to me and I feel we're very clear about how we feel towards each other. We also planned our next date, I'm really happy! Thanks for all your guidance!"

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The one-on-one coaching has been extremely helpful with concrete, actionable steps we've worked on together for me to execute, which have helped me stop my emotionally addictive cycles and behaviours, break the pattern, and catapult the emotional recovery from the heartache.

I'm much more emotionally stable, and not suffering constant daily/weekly emotional turbulence, pain, crippling anxiety and self doubt.

 I was very hot and cold with people. I would want to get close with people, but just not too close. I would crave intimacy and push it away at the same time. And when I found someone who could satisfy this hot/cold part of my dating life, they would consume my world. Quite honestly I had no idea what I wanted.

Now, I feel confident about myself and my appearance. And I feel confident that I can communicate my needs openly and securely. The conversations I have with people on dating apps and in person are much better. I can openly communicate my needs to someone, and not feel crushed when things don’t go how I might want them to.

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Before working with Ken I was struggling to get over heartbreak and not putting guys I recently started dating on pedestals before getting to know them better and based on how they treated me, letting them earn being put on a pedestal.

After working with Ken, I feel empowered , calm, re-focused on my strengths & weaknesses and what I am looking for in a long-term partner, future husband.

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